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Submitting Voice Work

2008-12-27 22:22:55 by QJohnnyQ

I'm posting my voice work in the Audio Portal.
My friend needed me to do some voice work for him, soooo... I did it.
I think it was pretty good, but I can't send the big mp3's over email, so hopefully I can over Newgrounds.

Friggin email...

Thanks to Newgrounds for coming in the clutch!

Oh, and MegaUpload doesn't work either. I wasted so much time with that crap. If this doesn't work, then what?
I'll have to make a CD and send it half way across the world or something.

Unless anyone has any other ideas??

Much appreciated~


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2008-12-27 22:26:55

Well, just know this:

If it's ur first time submitting, you gotta go thru an approval process, as our Audio Portal wants to maintain a high standard.

QJohnnyQ responds:

Yeah, I just submitted one and found out. Hasn't been approved yet or anything, so I guess I'll find out.

Thanks for the heads up darknessdweller~